How to Generate Quality Online Leads through Your Website

Alex Sanchez-Olvera
2 min readMar 22, 2019

Every online business owner dreams of having a website that can generate quality leads for their business around the clock.

But for most businesses, this is not the reality.

Statistics demonstrate that only about 2 percent of site visitors, on average, convert to a sale.

Collect e-mail addresses through pop-up forms

They get a bad rap, but pop-up forms really do work!

Pop-ups (or modals, to use the technical term) are a proven method of generating online conversions and boosting your lead capture.

When correctly designed and implemented, they can be a fantastic asset for building your e-mail list, promoting your offers, and increasing downloads for your products.

These can be triggered by various user actions, such as exit-intent. WPBeginner implemented an exit-intent-triggered pop-up window and increased its email subscribers by 600 percent.

Thrive Leads is a popular list-building WordPress plugin focused on conversions. To that end, it offers detailed analytics in addition to a full A/B testing suite for further optimization.

And though focused on Facebook Messenger marketing over e-mail marketing, ManyChat is another powerful tool that allows users to easily implement (and track) various modal windows onto their websites.

Develop a live chat service for your website

Live chat enables your business to provide top-notch (and personal) customer service by instantly resolving issues and answering questions. This can eliminate buyer friction and increase trust in your brand.

What’s more: chat services like Intercom and Drift have been steadily increasing in both sophistication and ubiquity.

Both also allow for integrations with popular email marketing services like ConvertKit to further facilitate lead capture and follow-up.

A live chat service also allows for your website to run around the clock — meaning after hours and on weekends, as well. This is especially important if your business has any sort of international presence.

You can find qualified chat agents on websites like Upwork or Fiverr for a nominal fee. even has its own agents, who can be hired for just $1 per hour.



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